Radial and Bias Tire Structure


From the results of the development to the present structure commonly used by tire manufacturers is as follows :

1. Tire Tread. Tread Ban is part of the tire in direct contact with the surface of the road. The materials used depend on the utility vehicle and therefore contributes to resistance tires, traction and also in conducting maneuvers.

2. Steel Belts. Maintain the robustness of the structure of the tire and also maintain the security of objects that can pierce the surface of the tire.

3. Spiral Layer. This layer serves to tire more resilient and easier to maneuver.

4. Shoulder. Shoulder the thickest part of a tire that serves to protect the tires from shock or dangerous objects from the outside.

5. Sidewall. Sidewall is the most flexible on a tire. Factors driving comfort on a tire in can of this section.

6. Plycord. Plycord is the main part of a tire that coats the inside of the sidewall and also the inside of the tire tread of the tire air pressure, vehicle load and also the shock from the outside.

7. Bead Filler. Bead Filler filler layer that makes the tire more resilient and easier vehicle in performing maneuvers.

8. Bead Wires. Wire layer which serves to hold the tire securely in place on the wheel / rim.

9. Chafer. The part that protects plycord bead section of the heat resulting from friction with the bead wheel / rim.

Of the overall structure of the tire above the most influence resilience, maneuverability and fuel frugality factor is PLYCORD

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