Lathe Safety Guidelines


Lathe Safety Guidelines

1. Make sure that the chuck, driveplate, or, faceplate is securely tightened onto the lathe spindle.

2. When removing the chuck, driveplate, or faceplate do not use machine power.

3. When installing the chuck, driveplate, or faceplate do not use machine power.

4. Move the tool bit a safe distance from the collet or chuck when inserting or removing work.

5. Don’t run the machine faster than the proper cutting speed – consult a speed and feed table to determine the best speed.

6. In setting up the tool holder place it to the left side of the compound slide to prevent the compound slide from running into the chuck or spindle attachments.

7. Always clamp the toolbit as short as possible in the toolholder to prevent it from breaking or chattering.

8. Always make sure that the toolbit is sharp and has the proper clearance. Ask for assistance making adjustments.

9. If any filing is done on work revolving in the lathe, file left handed to prevent slipping into the chuck. Never use a file without a handle.

10. If work is turned between centers, make sure that proper adjustment is made between centers and that the tailstock is locked in place.

11. If work is being turned between centers and expands due to heat generated from cutting, readjust centers to avoid excessive friction.

12. Do not grasp or touch chips or turnings with your fingers, but get rid of them using a blunt instrument. It is safer to turn off the lathe before clearing chips then to leave it running.

13. Set the toolbit on the centerline of your work to prevent work from climbing over tool or cutting above center and dragging.

14. Don’t cut work completely through when turning between centers.

15. Remove chuck key from chuck immediately after using.

16. Turn chuck or faceplate through by hand before turning on the power to be sure there is no binding or clearance problem.

17. Stop the machine before taking measurements.

18. Before cleaning the lathe remove tools from the tool post and tailstock.

Lathe Safety Guidelines was last modified: July 30th, 2022 by George Sitompul