Sudut King Pin

Sudut king-pin adalah : Kemiringan sumbu king – pin terhadap garis vertikal jika dilihat dari depan kendaraan Keterangan :

Steering Column Removal (3) screws and insulators attaching the horn ring and horn blowing switch to the steering column. Remove the

Cara Modifikasi Mesin RX – King Untuk Harian

..., mendingan cari tukang bubut lain. Tujuannya karakter aslinya si Jambret tidak banyak berubah. BLOK SILINDER Kunci kinerja enak

Power Windows retaining screws. INSTALLATION – For installation, reverse the above procedures. WINDOW MOTOR REMOVAL 1. Disconnect and isolate the

How to Replace a Car Water Pump

...he coolant. Once this process is complete move to the topside of the engine compartment. 4. Remove any plastic

Front Damper Removal and Inspection/Disassembly

.... 2. Remove the brake hose clamps form the damper. 3. Separate the damper and lower arm by removing

Hub Replacement (Front Suspension)

...mounting bolts and hang the caliper assembly to one side. To prevent accidental damage to the caliper assembly or

Brake Fluids and Bleeding Air

...el cylinders of drum brakes and disk brake calipers. It must have a high boiling point to avoid vaporizing