Brake Fluids and Bleeding Air

...linders of drum brakes and disk brake calipers. It must have a high boiling point to avoid vaporizing in

How to Check Oil Level usually sold in one-quart plastic containers. To open, set it on a flat surface, grasp it near the

Principles of ABS braking

Braking force and the tendency of the wheels to lock up are affected by a combination of factors such

Types of Screwdriver

...per sizes. Torx® drive system provides six lobular drive surfaces mated from lobes of the driving and driven elements.

How Power Flows trough Drive Train

...haped plate is called a clutch disk. When you are not stepping on the clutch pedal, this disk is

Safety Precautions for General Air Conditioning System

...rive belts. Never strike a section of copper or aluminum tubing or a heat exchanger in a charged refrigeration

Simple Procedures For Checking Shock Absorber

...AL NOISE Checks for inadequate damping force and abnormal internal noise due to oil leakage can be made through

Sistem Pelampung

...Gangguan pada permukaan pelampung 1) Terlalu tinggi. a) kesalahan kecil : Campuran pada sistem utama menjadi lebih kaya b)