Identifying The Causes of Overheating

...nd the impaired circulation causes overheating. Here’s how to check the hose: If your car starts to overheat, park

Simple Procedures For Checking Shock Absorber

In the following cases, remove the shock absorber from the vehicle and make the checks explained below. (1) When

Steering Wheel and Column Inspection in the straight-ahead position. WARNING : Handling the air bag module improperly can accidentally deploy the air bag

Types of a Hose Clamps

...if neces­sary; you’re going to throw them out anyway. Screw-type clamps: These clamps don’t loosen easily, so they’re often

How to Test an Alternator Current Output

...m battery. Disconnect orange lead from alternator output terminal and connect ammeter in series between lead and output terminal.

How to Check The Radiator Coolant Level

It’s very important to check your radiator coolant level. Because another important fluid in your car is the coolant.

Purpose and Types Portable Grinders a lightweight, hand-operated machine tool. It can be powered electrically or pneumatically, depending on the model selected. The

Kerusakan Kamprat (Rantai Chamshaft)

...nernya. Tensioner adalah peranti untuk mengatur tingkat ketegangan rantai tersebut. Hal ini perlu diperhatikan, pasalnya dalam beberapa kasus ternyata