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Beda Strutbar dan Underbrace, Wajib Disimak | Untuk menambah kestabilan atau handling dalam berkendara maka perlu ditambahkan perangkat tambahan untuk mobil dan komponen ini

Ball Joint Removal, Inspection & Installation

Removal 1. Lift-up the vehicle, and remove the front wheels. 2. Remove the both sides of stabilizer bracket.

Removal, Installation and Inspection of Hood Lock Control

REMOVAL 1. Disconnect the hood lock cable from the hood lock, and clip it from the radiator core upper

Hub Replacement (Front Suspension)

Instuctions Loosen the wheel nuts slightly. Raise the front of car and support on safety stands in proper locations.

Front Damper Removal and Inspection/Disassembly

Damper Removal 1. Remove the front wheel. 2. Remove the brake hose clamps form the damper. 3. Separate the

Front Wheel Bearing Replacement

Instructions Attach the special tool to the hub and tighten the nuts, then set the special tool in a

Rear Spring Removal and Installation

A. MEASURING REAR SPRING HEIGHT When measuring the rear spring heights, the vehicle should be placed on a level

Front Damper Reassembly and Installation

Front damper Reassembly 1. Install the damper unit, damper spring, bump stop, bump stop plate, dust cover, dust cover