Hub Replacement (Front Suspension)



  • Loosen the wheel nuts slightly.
  • Raise the front of car and support on safety stands in proper locations.
  • Remove the wheel nuts and wheel. NOTE : Before installing the wheel, clean the mating surfaces of the brake disc and inside of the wheel.
  • Remove the brake hose mounting bolts.


  • Remove the speed sensor from the knuckle and front lower control arm, but do not disconnect it. NOTE: Be careful when installing the sensors to avoid twisting wires.


  • Remove the caliper bracket mounting bolts and hang the caliper assembly to one side. To prevent accidental damage to the caliper assembly or brake hose, use a short piece of wire to hang the caliper assembly from the undercarriage.
  • Remove the 6 mm brake disc retaining screws. Screw two 8 x 12 mm bolts into the disc to push it away from the hub. Turn each bolt two turns at a time to prevent cocking the disc excessively.
  • Remove the hub unit from the knuckle.


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