Air Cleaner Element Treatment

A. Removing the Air Cleaner Element

1. Remove the hose from each case.
2. Remove the IAT sensor connector (2) of the case.
3. Remove the water cleaner case clamp (1).
4. Remove the cleaner the water element of the case

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Principles of ABS braking

Braking force and the tendency of the wheels to lock up are affected by a combination of factors such as the friction coefficient of the road surface, and the difference between the vehicle speed and the road wheel speed. The ABS prevents the road wheels from locking up during heavy braking by controlling the vehicle’s brake system hydraulic pressure.

Tips Perawatan Mobil Matic

Tips Perawatan Mobil Matic

Berikut beberapa tips yang berkaitan dengan perlakuan terhadap mobil bertransmisi matik yang diberikan oleh Holil dari Wani Matic : Continue Reading →

Portable Machine Tools Safety Precautions

The portable machine tools classified as either cutting took (straight and machine tools, can quickly and easily be moved to the angle hand drills, metal sawing machines, and metal cutting workplace to accomplish machining operations. The accuracy shears) or finishing tools (sanders, grinders, and polishers). of work performed by portable machine tools is dependent upon the user’s skill and experience.

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Perpres Pajak Mobil Murah Lamban Digarap

Perpres Pajak yang rencananya terbit awal September paling cepat baru keluar Oktober

JAKARTA- Pemerintah tampaknya masih setengah hati menyikapi booming mobil murah yang meramaikan pasar otomotif  Tanah Air. Buktinya, hingga kini proses penyusunan Perpres dan Keppres keringanan pajak untuk mobil murah atau low cost green car (LCGC) masih belum terbit.  Payung hukum yang seharusnya sudah terbit pekan pertama September, paling cepat baru bulan depan keluar. Continue Reading →

crane Repair

  • Hidraulick Pump


Gear pumps (with external teeth) (fixed displacement) are simple and economical pumps. The swept volume or displacement of gear pumps for hydraulics will be between about 1 cm3 (0.001 litre) and 200 cm3 (0.2 litre). These pumps create pressure through the meshing of the gear teeth, which forces fluid around the gears to pressurize the outlet side. Some gear pumps can be quite noisy, compared to other types, but modern gear pumps are highly reliable and much quieter than older models.

  • Accumulator

Parking Brake Adjustment

After rear brake caliper or shoe servicing, loosen the parking brake adjusting nut, start the engine  and depress the brake pedal several times to set the  self-adjusting brake before adjusting the parking brake. Block the front wheels before jacking up the rear of the car. And Do not open or close the power roof when the car is raised by using the safety stands


  • Raise the rear wheels off the ground
  • On cars with rear disc brakes, make sure the lever of the rear brake caliper contacts the brake caliper pin.

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