Reading a Tire Size Codes

Until around 1978, tire sizes were indicated by alpha-numeric codes, such as D78-14. Then, with the adoption of the metric system, the codes changed dras­tically. Today, the new codes are much longer and provide more information. Tire dealers are required by law to have leaflets available that explain tire grades and ratings. The leaflets also tell you which metric codes replace the old alphanumeric designations.

For example, here’s the information provided by a common "P-metric" tire code, P205/75R-14:

Impact Wrench Use and Maintenance

The selection of an impact wrench should be based on the torque and speed required as well as the volume of work. An extra heavy duty tool is not required for a shop that changes four tires per day. It is required for high volume shops.  The heavy duty or extra heavy duty wrenches are recommended for truck wheel service.

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Air Cleaner Element Treatment

A. Removing the Air Cleaner Element

1. Remove the hose from each case.
2. Remove the IAT sensor connector (2) of the case.
3. Remove the water cleaner case clamp (1).
4. Remove the cleaner the water element of the case

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Principles of ABS braking

Braking force and the tendency of the wheels to lock up are affected by a combination of factors such as the friction coefficient of the road surface, and the difference between the vehicle speed and the road wheel speed. The ABS prevents the road wheels from locking up during heavy braking by controlling the vehicle’s brake system hydraulic pressure.

Tips Perawatan Mobil Matic

Tips Perawatan Mobil Matic

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Portable Machine Tools Safety Precautions

The portable machine tools classified as either cutting took (straight and machine tools, can quickly and easily be moved to the angle hand drills, metal sawing machines, and metal cutting workplace to accomplish machining operations. The accuracy shears) or finishing tools (sanders, grinders, and polishers). of work performed by portable machine tools is dependent upon the user’s skill and experience.

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Perpres Pajak Mobil Murah Lamban Digarap

Perpres Pajak yang rencananya terbit awal September paling cepat baru keluar Oktober

JAKARTA- Pemerintah tampaknya masih setengah hati menyikapi booming mobil murah yang meramaikan pasar otomotif  Tanah Air. Buktinya, hingga kini proses penyusunan Perpres dan Keppres keringanan pajak untuk mobil murah atau low cost green car (LCGC) masih belum terbit.  Payung hukum yang seharusnya sudah terbit pekan pertama September, paling cepat baru bulan depan keluar. Continue Reading →