Power Steering Fluid Replacement


1. Raise the reservoir, then disconnect the return hose (A) to drain the reservoir. Take care not to spill the fluid on the body and parts. Wipe off any spilled fluid at once.
2. Connect a hose (B) of suitable diameter to the disconnected return hose, and put the hose end in a suitable container.
3. Start the engine, let it run at idle, and turn the steering wheel from lock-to-lock several times. When fluid stops running out of the hose, shut-off the engine. Discard the fluid.
4. Reinstall the return hose on the reservoir.
5. Fill the reservoir to the upper level line (C).

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How to Change a Flat Tire

Invest a few minutes in your car once a week and you’ll not only save hundreds of dollars in potential repair bills, but you’ll also understand your car better. You might decide to hire everything else out-or not. In any case, you’ll have a clearer understanding ­and a sense of satisfaction-about your car. 

To change a flat tire, follow these steps:

1. If you’re at the side of the road, turn on your emergency flashers and raise the trunk lid to signal to others that you are having a problem.

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Jawaban Mitsubishi Hadirkan Pesaing Avanza-Xenia

Jawaban Mitsubishi Hadirkan Pesaing Avanza-Xenia

Pasar mobil dengan kapasitas penumpang banyak seperti Multi Purpose Vehicle(MPV) masih jadi “gula-gula” di pasar nasional. Tak heran, berbagai perusahaan otomotif berebut bermain di segmen itu.

Tak terkecuali, PT Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian (KTB) selaku distributor Mitsubishi di Indonesia. Perusahaan dengan lambang tiga berlian ini menyatakan tertarik menghadirkan mobil di kelas MPV untuk menyaingi Avanza-Xenia, Ertiga, Spin, serta pendatang baru Mobilio.

Lantas kapan Mitsubishi Indonesia akan menghadirkan indication low MPV?

“Sekarang sedang dalam proses studi. Bukan soal kapannya, tapi soal apakah iya apakah tidak. Tapi kalau ditanya tertarik, tentu iya,” kata Operating General Manager MMC Marketing Division KTB, Duljatmono di Sentul City, Bogor, Jawa Barat, Kamis 27 Februari 2014.

Pria yang disapa Momon itu juga mengakui, pasar MPV masih sangat besar dan akan terus berkembang.

“Berapa persen pengembangannya, saya belum bisa prediksi karena perlu studi dan analisis karena terkait kondisi ekonomi, daya beli masyarakat, kondisi otomotif nasional, dan perkembangan teknologi sendiri (Mitsubishi),” jelas Momon.

“Pokoknya, indication seperti apa, power berapa, itu dalam proses, satu paket sedang kita studi,” tambah dia.

Menurut information Gaikindo (Gabungan Industri kendaraan Bermotor Indonesia), penjualan mobil nasional di 2013 mengalami peningkatan 7,4 persen atau mencapai 1.229.904 unit.

Meski ada mobil murah, namun dari sum penjualan mobil secara nasional kelas low MPV masih menjadi primadona. Bahkan, low MPV berhasil menyumbang 379.205 unit, sementara middle MPV mencapai 123.498 unit.

Jawaban Mitsubishi Hadirkan Pesaing Avanza-Xenia

Brake Fluids and Bleeding Air

Brake fluids in your car’s brake system is based hydraulic fluid used to transfer power from the brake pedal to the brake calipers or wheel cylinders. The purpose of the brake system fluid change is remove moisture, air and containment’s from the braking. Moisture is the leading cause of brake system operation failure .

Brake fluids must have certain characteristics and meet certain quality standards for the braking system to work properly. Brake fluid is subjected to very high temperatures, especially in the wheel cylinders of drum brakes and disk brake calipers. It must have a high boiling point to avoid vaporizing in the lines. This vaporization is a problem because vapor is compressible and negates hydraulic fluid transfer of braking force.

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Radial and Bias Tire Structure

From the results of the development to the present structure commonly used by tire manufacturers is as follows :

1. Tire Tread. Tread Ban is part of the tire in direct contact with the surface of the road. The materials used depend on the utility vehicle and therefore contributes to resistance tires, traction and also in conducting maneuvers.

2. Steel Belts. Maintain the robustness of the structure of the tire and also maintain the security of objects that can pierce the surface of the tire.

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How to Check The Windshield Washer Fluid Level

Most cars have apparatus that sprays a soapy liquid on the windshield when you push a button  inside the car. This windshield washer fluid is stored in a reservoir or container under the hood of your car. Certainly it’s not as critical as the oil, but running out washer fluid can make it difficult to see through a dirty windshield.


  • Find the windshield washer fluid reservoir. It is typically a clear or white plastic container holding a pint to a quart of colored liquid. the reservoir may look like a milk jug or a jar.

Table Saw Safety Guidelines

Table Saw Safety Guidelines

1. Special training is required before using the table saw. You may not operate it without permission from the shop supervisor.

2. Stand to one side, never directly in line with, of work being fed through the saw.

3. Use the proper blade for the material and type of cut. Do not use a rip blade for cross cutting, or, a crosscut blade for rip sawing. Do not use a plywood blade for anything but plywood.

4. Inspect the blade before using it, to make sure it is the proper blade and is sharp and free from cracks.

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